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Be at the peak of your game with Octa

We actively manage a private fund that invests primarily in forex, crypto currencies and their derivatives. In other words, very profitable ventures. Thanks to this method we are allowed to provide our investors with hourly accruals.

Novice plan

2.0% After 24 Hours

Min:$100 - Max:$999

Total Profit: 2.0%

Principal Included

Accept: Bitcoin,Perfectmoney,Payeer

Standard plan

4.0% After 24 Hours

Min:$1000 - Max:$1999

Total Profit: 4%

Principal Included

Accept: Bitcoin,Perfectmoney,Payeer

Proffessional plan

6.0% After 24 Hours

Min:$2000 - Max:$4999

Total Profit: 6%

Principal Included

Accept: Bitcoin,Perfectmoney,Payeer

Expert plan

10.0% After 48 Hours

Min:$5000 - Max:$14999

Total Profit: 10%

Principal Included

Accept: Bitcoin,Perfectmoney,Payeer

Our Core Services

There might be a lot of information on the website, but here we summarize who we are and what we do in short.

Premium Protection

Technology today is the key to a successful business. Our Trading Signal System is managed by both humans and robots.

24/7 Live Support

Our market analysis consists of many layers, we process technical, fundamental and quantitative analysis live and around the clock.


The results are tested and get processed by many factors and possible scenarios until they get approved so we are certain to make profits..

Easy Management

We have developed an account area where you can easily follow up on all your actions. Sign up and check it for yourself!


Our system is as accurate as a Swiss watch. Whether you invest or withdraw, everything is monitored to pin point precision.


We give the opportunity to investors to benefit from our tech-trading experiences in the easiest way and with the tightest risk possible..

* Already growing up 5236 company

About Us

The main activity of our company is arbitration in the cryptocurrency market. We buy a cryptocurrency asset on a exchange with a minimum price and sell it on another exchange at a high price, making profit from the difference between prices. Having a deposit on most major cryptocurrency exchanges, we are given the opportunity to choose the most advantageous offers for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. octa-invest.com We have developed special software - Matic Engineā„¢, which performs such an operation in an automatic mode in a second, so we bypass the volatility risk inherent in cryptocurrencies. It is practically not possible for one trader to have active deposits on the maximum number of exchanges in order to choose the most favorable price conditions. etrades-fx.net, thanks to local partners around the world, has accounts in various cryptocurrency exchanges. We are constantly adding new exchanges, attracting new local partners.

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A little more about octa-invest.com

octa-invest.com cryptocurrency partners have been tested thoroughly over the past 5 years and they are the most dynamically developing institutional players in the cryptocurrency assets circulation market.

octa-invest.com works every day to develop new markets, attracting new reliable partners on all continents. New developing markets carry potentially large profits due to the novelty and scarcity of such products.

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Watch our demo video

Octa Invest has become especially popular in the cryptocurrency industry. There are a huge number of exchanges and a lot of assets. On different exchanges, the price of the same cryptocurrency varies greatly. Arbitrage is the earnings based on the difference in exchange rate. A trader buys a cryptocurrency asset on one exchange with a minimum price and sells it on another exchange at a higher price. The difference in price between different exchanges is the trader's profit.

A zero risk trading strategy

Our trading strategy allows us to earn income from cryptocurrency arbitrage bypassing almost all risks.

Fully automated investment platform

Make deposits, earn profit and referral commission, withdraw funds in a fully automatic mode.

Qualified support team

Have a question? Contact our support team, who will be happy to answer all questions.?

Our Mobile Application


Awesome Team

Meet our team of trading experst.

Sunny khan

Executive Officer

Ajoy Das

Business Development

Afroza Mou

UX/UI Designer

Lim Sarah

Head of Marketing